American Negro

American Negro

American Negro is a short film portraying the 1960's interview of Paul Robeson on the "American Negro".  Considering the current events in our society, Robeson's words are a reminder that black men are modern versions of the 1960's 'American Negro". This film parallels society's perspective of the black man between 1960 and 2020. Many black men are the quintessence of intellectual, talented, and creative, and the list continues, but it seems as if society has disregarded that side of black men. When the word 'negro' is associated with these characteristics, the word seems to hold less weight and meaning.  Through the words of Robeson and this film, we realize that today's society uses the same 1960's lens to view black men, just a different medium to capture the same picture in a new way. Many black men have had great successes; however,  the game is ruled against them no matter what. A Blackman sits between two walls: A beautiful black man and niggas ain't sh*t. Where ever you fall on the spectrum, you must adjust your chains before you start your day. 

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